Phòng Khoa học và Công nghệ
Needed information
Common announcement
Typical project and research year 2009-2010 (14-11-2012)

Extremely Important Government Level Research Project:
Investigation of ocean characteristics and foundation for offshore construction at deep water area of Vietnam.
Independent Government Level Research Project: Investigation of Nano purification membrance for conversion of ocean water to drinking water.
-    Protocol Research Project: Investigation of method of waste material collection and treatment by using half concentration model in Vietnam urban - Typical research at Hanoi city.  Manager
-    Research on energy regeneration for maintenance of indoor humidity condition. Manager
-    Simulation and establishment of IT control system for construction equipment and machinery. Manager

-    Research on method to create high quality concrete, which is anti abrading and erosion, for hydraulic structure impacted by high velocity water flow. Manager
-    Investigation of failure mechanism of strengthen layer of breakwater, recommendation of reasonable solution, improvement of stableness of wave prevention structure in Vietnam condition. Manager
-    Heritage of French architecture at Hanoi and its effect to modern Hanoi architecture. Manager
-    Investigation of solution to approach houses of low income people group at Vietnam urban.
-    Research on management solution to improve community supervision role for construction project. Manager
-    Investigation of solution to improve bearing capacity of bored pile. Manager


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